Welcome Morgan Mandala!

Welcome Morgan Mandala!

Posted by Matt Barker on 14th Nov 2018

We have another addition to the Curbside Team that we are super excited to announce: Morgan Mandala! Morgan is a Colorado-based artist who weaves her visions together in both the studio as well as the live environment. Inspired by nature, she is dedicated to reintroducing organic wisdom into the biosphere with a particularly bright and hopeful future in mind. Morgan's psychedelic paintings are manifestations derived from her dreams, visions, and spontaneous flow. By re-interpreting and merging archetypes and symbols from multi-cultural backgrounds, she hopes to "help visualize our inherent connections to each other and Source."

Morgan's visual style as well as her artistic philosophy are just a couple reasons we are so excited to have her with us! We just released 6 of her designs in a variety of styles at CurbsideClothing.com/morgan-mandala/ so be sure to pick those up ASAP!

Also, don't forget to follow Morgan on Instagram: @morganmandala