Screw Up Grab Bags

Want some of our shirts at a low price and don't mind imperfections? Try out one of our Screw Up Grab Bags! We will send you 2 random shirts that we weren't originally able to sell at full-price due to mistakes made in the printing process. The shirts you get will be a surprise. Both of the shirts will be different so you're sure to get an interesting variety of unique designs at an awesomely low price.

Reasons for the defects:

Imperfect Print - The print is slightly crooked, off-center, too bright or too dull, or just not up to our standards for accurately representing the art.

Wrong Design - The print and shirt color combo are not ones we sell on our site. Sometimes this leads to the print itself looking imperfect.

Mis-tagged - Sometimes the wrong size gets tagged on a shirt. For example, a Large shirt accidentally received a Medium tag. If this is the case, you will receive the size your ordered, not the size tagged on the shirt.

Please note that there are NO RETURNS on grab bag purchases and all sales are FINAL.

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